Revolutionary video wall controller demo at CES-2015
An entirely revolutionary dip switch setting video wall controller, Oculus Rift 3D adapter and the most comfortable passive 3D system will be exhibited in CES-2015 at LVH-48025 from Jan 06-09 .

1. Revolutionary dip switch setting video wall controller with LEGO cascade
  • 64 pre-defined display profiles.
  • Dip switch ion on front panel. Easy installation, no PC is required.
  • Modular structure like LEGO block to cascade multiple modules into one big display.
  • With POP and PIP function for multiple contents in one display.
  • Support up to 4k/2k UHD input.
  • Image real time rotation can be customized.
  • Demo: one creative pre-defined video wall + one 4k UHD video wall.
2. 3D Adapter for Oculus Rift:
  • Auto-decode consumer 3D contents for virtual reality display in Oculus Rift.
  • Connect directly with Blue Ray, Gaming console, Media Player and PC.
  • Loop out port to share 3D content in other conventional display device.
3. Passive 3D projection system with conventional 2D screen.
  • Using conventional 2D screen
  • Precise geometry alignment and Zero latency in R/L to get the most comfortable 3D display.

64 pre-defined display profiles with cascade function via multiple G-402 like Lego Block.

~by 2015-01-24~
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