GeoBox image stacking processor instroduction
Image stacking is an easy way to increase the brightness at low cost. It also provides a spare function when one of the projectors is broken down without affection important event. GeoBox stacking processor not only provides flat screen stacking function, it can also support curved screen stacking and serve as scaler switcher due to convenient multiple inputs. It will work with all kinds of projectors with different brands. No PC is required, easy to use and more reliable.
Image stacking can increase the projection brightness easily by 2x, 4x, 6x....User can get 10k lumens by using 3 projectors with 3,500 lumens paired with one G-601. Using GeoBox warp technology, user can stack more projectors to get more brightness with fraction of cost. By using G-601, which is designed with 5 inputs and 10-bits high end video processor, user can get a stacking system with multiple projectors together with high end scaler box, format converter and video switcher function in one box. Another major advantage is that even some projectors are broken down, user still can keep the system running without affect important events.
Image stacking function can be applied on both flat screen and curved screen with large and flexible geometry adjustment range. For output resolution under 1400x1050, the corner position or curve adjustment range can be up to +_1200 pixels in horizontal position and +_800 pixels in vertical position.
Below are the products related to image stacking appliations:
G-106: Single channel warping box and image stacking processor with 3x in 1x out and 1x loop output ports to support up to two projector stacking.
G-601: High end image stacking processor with 5 in/2 out and loop out ports. It can stack up to three projector stacking.
G-106: Single channel stacking processor

G-601: dual channel stacking processor
GeoBox image stacking processor
Main items Models   G-106   G-601
Main features General description Single channel image stacking processor with loop out port for two projectors stacking   High end image stacking processor with 6 in/2 out switcher function up to 3 projectors
Applications 4:4:4 processing, for both video and PC graphics   4:4:4 processing, for both video and PC graphics
Video processor 10-bits   10-bits
Video Loop Out (raw signal without processing) 1x HDMI   1x HDMI
Geometry alignment channel 1   2
Max projectors for stacking 2   3
Flat and curved screen stacking Yes   Yes
Stacking with switch function   Yes
Input & Output  Video Input Ports  1x DVI-I, 1x HDMI, 1x DP   1x VGA, 2x HDMI, 1x Dual DVI, 1x DP
Video Loop Out (raw signal without processing) 1x HDMI   1x HDMI
Video Output  1x HDMI   2x HDMI
Audio Input  HDMI embedded   HDMI embedded
Audio Output HDMI embeded   HDMI embedded
Support YPbPr video via VGA input port  Yes   Yes 
Input up to 4k/2k @30Hz, 2560x1600/3840x1080 @60Hz via DisplayPort without compression Yes   Yes 
Input up to 4k/2k @30Hz, 2560x1600/3840x1080 @61Hz via DualLink DVI without compression Yes   Yes 
Output resolution up to 1080P and 1920x1200  Yes    Yes 
HDCP key for DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort  Yes    Yes 
Geometry & Warp  Pixel base geometry and warp alignment for flat and curved screen image stacking Yes    Yes 
Max. geometry alignment grid patterns 17*17   17*17
Image 90/180/270 degrees rotation, flip and mirror Yes    180 degrees
Edge Mask Image edges masked with black background up to 500 pixels Yes   Yes 
Multi-projector stacking  Multiple projector image stacking for brightness magnification  * 2 projectors   *3 projectors
Video processing Advanced full 10 bits 4:4:4 full bandwidth sampling Yes    Yes 
3D de-interlace, smooth edge algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode detecting and recovery Yes    Yes 
High quality video and graphics scaling up and scaling down  Yes    Yes 
Color adjustment (Hue, saturation, sharpness, contrast, brightness, preset modes, discrete RGB color adjustment)  Yes    Yes 
System control for easy use Full function Front Panel Keypads, IR Remote controller, RS232, Ethernet Yes    Yes 
Setting saved and recall Yes    Yes 
Dimension & weight Only Box body, not including remote controller, power supply and packing  225x155x36mm, 1.3kg    440x200x45mm, 2.4kg 
* The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Installation method: Apply external grid pattern, 1st projector is aligned manually to fit the screen and the 2nd/3rd projectors are aligned to match the 1st one via GeoBox geometry alignment. The latency in GeoBox is about 30 ms. If no latency is allowed in each projector, then all channels need to go through GeoBox. In this case, dual channel processor is required for two projector image stacking. Multiple Geobox can be synchronized by Frame Lock function.
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