Format converter and scaler switcher
GeoBox main application is in projection and video wall system. In order to reduce the system cost and easy system connection, GeoBox was designed with multiple input connectors and formats to support variable input sources. User can use GeoBox reliable multiple inputs function as format converter and video switcher to simplify the system connection together with some special features that other format converter or video switcher cant, such as image warp, geometry alignment, 3D function or video wall function (image slicing, location assignment and overlap pixel adjustment). It will add more value while it is for projection or video wall applications.
GeoBox can be a professional high performance format converter, video scaler and video switcher. Together with video wall control function, patented warp and edge blending technology, it provides more cost effective versitile applications with easy and friendly user interface and simplify the system. It is standalone hardware device supporting up to 4k/2k @30Hz and 3840*1080 @60Hz input without compression. It is designed with Frame Lock and Free Run modes to get glitch less image while input timing or source change. Due to no PC, OS or special tool and simple system connection, it provides a flexible, easy to use and more reliable system.

G-101: 5 inputs (1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI, 1x DVI, 1x VGA, 1x YPbPr), 2 outputs: HDMI & VGA (mirrored), with image warp, flip, rotation and video wall control function.

G-501: 6 inputs (1x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, 1x DualLink DVI, 2x VGA(support YPbPr), 2 HDMI outputs (from the same input source), with image warp,rotation, 3D processing and video wall control function.


Dual output for different display device


  1. Convert YUV, VGA, SOG, DualLink DVI, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs to DVI-D, HDMI or VGA output.
  2. Support VESA, NTSC, PAL and SCAN input formats. 
  3. Maximux input resolution: 1080p/120Hz, 4k/2k @30Hz or 3840x1080@60Hz without compression.
  4. Selectable output resolution from VGA up to 1080p, WUXGA (1920x1200) or 2048x1080
  5. Support 24/25Hz, 50Hz ,60Hz and 100/120Hz output timings.
  6. Frame lock & Free Run function to provide more flexible applications.
  7. Free Run mode setting to get glitch less image while input timing or source change. 
  8. True 10-bits processor: 3D motion adaptive de-interlace, low angle smooth algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode processing.
  9. High end image scaling up/down and format conversion.
  10. Image flip, rotation, warp and geometry alignment.
  11. Professional Edge blending function.
  12. PIP (including 3D PIP) and 16:9 / 2.35:1 aspect ratio conversion.
  13. Built-in video wall control function to split, crop, magnify, overlap pixel setting and assign location.
  14. Image stacking to increase the brightness on flat or curved screen.
  15. Support Blue Ray 1080p @24Hz frame packed for Active (shutter) 3D system. 
  16. Support HDMI 1.4 standard 3D formats from Blue Ray, Media Player and PC for passive 3D display.
GeoBox for scalable box and switcher application
Main items Models   G-101 G-303 G-501
Brief comparison General description 5 in/2 out switcher with PIP, warp, rotation & video wall functions 3 in/2 out switcher with 3D decode and video wall control 6 in/2 out switcher with 3D, warp and video wall function
Video processor 10 bits 10 bits  10 bits 
processing channel Single Dual Dual
Video Output  1x VGA, 1x HDMI
(Mirrored image)
2x HDMI (from same input)  2x HDMI (from same input) 
Image Stacking to amplify brightness Yes Yes
Passive 3D Yes Yes Yes
Warp/geometry alignment Yes Yes
Frame Lock and Free Run modes Yes Yes Yes
Image flip (R/L, Top/Down, Front/Rear) Yes -- --
Image rotation  up to +_128 degrees Yes -- Yes
Video Wall Yes Yes Yes
Input & Output  Video Input Ports  1x VGA, 1x DP, 1x YPbPr , 1x DVI, 1x HDMI 2x HDMI, 1x DVI-I (Support DualLink DVI/HDMI/VGA)  2x VGA, 2x HDMI, 1x Dual DVI, 1x DP 
Video Output  1x VGA, 1x HDMI
(simultaneous output in non HDCP content)
(from same input source) 
(from same input source) 
Audio Input  1x analog RH/LH, PC audio Jack, HDMI audio PC audio Jack, HDMI audio  PC audio Jack, HDMI audio 
Audio Output  Analog RH/LH, S/PDIF Digital audio, HDMI audio Analog (RH/LH), HDMI audio  S/PDIF RCA & Optic, HDMI 
Support YPbPr video via VGA input port  Yes (discrete YPbPr) Yes  Yes 
Support 4k/2k @30Hz, 1080p @120Hz, 2560x1600 / 3840x1080 @60Hz input without compression via DP Yes -- Yes 
Support 4k/2k @30Hz, 1080p @120Hz, 2560x1600 / 3840x1080 @60Hz input via DualLink DVI -- Yes Yes
Support PC reduce blanking 4k/2k @30Hz input without compression via HDMI  -- Yes Yes 
Output resolution WUXGA Up to 2048x1080 WUXGA
Frame Lock and Free Run modes Yes Yes Yes
HDCP key for DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort  Yes Yes  Yes 
Geometry & Warp  Pixel base geometry and warp adjustment Yes -- Yes 
4 corner quick adjustment  Yes -- Yes 
H & V Keystone Correction Yes -- Yes 
Patented Warp for curve display Yes -- Yes 
Pincushion and barrel adjustment Yes -- Yes 
Image flip and Rotation Image rotation  up to +_128 degrees Yes -- Yes 
Image 90/180/270 degrees rotation, flip and mirror Yes  -- --
Video Wall  Image slice, split, cropping, magnify and location assignment Yes Yes  Yes 
Overlap region from 0~900 pixels Yes Yes  Yes 
Pixel based overlap adjustment in all edges, up to 15x15 matrix displays Yes Yes  Yes 
Edge Mask Image edges masked with black background up to 250 pixels Yes Yes 
Picture in Picture  Scalable up to 1024x768 at selectable aspect ratio and any location  Yes
Multi-projector stacking  Multiple projector image stacking for brightness magnification  2 projectors  3 projectors
Video processing Advanced full 10 bits 3D de-interlace, smooth edge algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode Yes Yes  Yes 
High quality video and graphics scaling up and scaling down  Yes Yes  Yes 
Color adjustment (Hue, saturation, sharpness, contrast, brightness, preset modes, discrete RGB)  Yes Yes  Yes 
System control for easy use Full function Front Panel Keypads & IR Remote controller  Yes Yes  Yes 
Cabled IR Receiver Extender (up to 20 meters) Yes Option  Option 
Ethernet module for control and operation via wired or WiFi (NB, Mobile) Option Option 
RS-232 control Yes Yes  Yes 
12V Trigger output Yes
Setting saved and recall Yes Yes  Yes 
Ear mount bracket in 1U rack  Option Option  Option 
Dimension & weight Only Box body, not including remote controller, power supply and packing  303x155x45mm, 1.6kg 303x155x36mm, 1.4kg  440x200x45mm, 2.4kg 
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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