G-403 Create your own creative video wall
Combining with pre-defined display modes, multiple unit cascade and friendly OSD operation, G403 can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCDs at any angle and position without PC or software. It is pure hardware standalone system that can connect with multiple input sources for any kind of LCD, TV or monitor. Users will benefit with great effectiveness, flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use.

  • 3 input ports to support HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA and YPbPr signals for flexible connection with multiple input sources.
  • Equipped with 4x HDMI outputs in one unit to connect with all kinds of LCD, TV or monitor.
  • Multiple units cascade to build large-scale high resolution video wall.
  • User can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCD at any angle and position through input the coordinates of two corners (Top left and Top Right). 
  • Flexible aspect ratio control across entire video wall through OSD menu。This function can allow user to use any signal source and still keep required aspect ratio without distortion. 
  • It is also integrated the function for entire image position shift without changing aspect ratio.
  • 30 pre-defined playback modes selected by Dip SW.
  • Connect directly with various video sources up to 4k/2k.
  • [GAlign] PC tool is available for easy image alignment.
  • G-403 can share 4k/2k input signal for larger video wall through multiple units cascade.
  • 4k/2k HDMI loop out port for daisy chain connection.
  • Selectable EDID to optimize vide quality.
  • Auto image shift to prevent LCD from burn-in mark.
  • PIP (picture in picture) and POP (side by side) multi-content function.
  • Power on/off control via auto signal detection.
  • No video splitter, PC or software is required. More reliable.
  • Up to 5 self-made display modes can be saved and looping playback in video wall. 

Pre-defined display mode

Cascade like LEGO block

PIP/POP multiple content display

Creative video wall examples

Cascade with multiple units for large scale video wall

Create custom display modes by user
  • User can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCDs at any angle and position through input the coordinates of two corners (Top left and Top Right).
  • 4 LCD as one display units and can be cascaded without number limitation. 
  • User can convert project design drawings into 1920x1080 coordinates and pick up the coordinates at Top Left and Top Right corners in each LCD, to create irregular video wall.
  • In below drawing, the coordinates for TV1 and TV2 are as follows:
    • TV1 coordinate for Top Left corner=(0, 586),Top Right corner=(366, 216)
    • TV2 coordinate for Top Left corner=(815, 635),Top Right corner=(447, 286)

  • PIP/POP function is still available in the display modes created by user.

For multiple units cascade:
  • If the signal source is 1920x1080, no matter how many LCD inside one video wall system, user just needs to select 4 LCD coordinates for one G-403, then it can build an entire video wall system.
  • If the signal source is more than FHD. User needs to split the image into several sections in FHD to cover the LCD display range in each G-403. After finish the assignment, user needs to do further video wall settings to split the signal source and adjust complete image position so that adjacent display units can match together. All of the operations can be done through OSD.

[GAlign] PC tool for creative video wall
  • PC tool (GAlign) is available for user to load coordinates of each LCD through RS232 port. 
  • User can also set H&V aspect ratio and position shift through [GAlign] PC tool.

Entire video wall continous aspect ratio adjustment and position shift
  • User can change entire video wall image (4 LCD) aspect ratio from 50% to 200% at both horizontal and vertical direction through OSD or PC tool.
  • This function allows users to display any kind of content on the screen from all kinds of signal sources but still maintain required aspect ratio without distortion or to keep full screen display.
  • Entire video wall image position can be shifted at H/V direction.  

Auto looping playback and protect LCD from burn-in mark
  • User can save up to five different image playback settings (Index) and looping playback under preset time interval.
  • This function can be used to highlight some specific products from the same content with different display angle, pop-up or zoom in/out for specific portion of the image without PC system.
  • User can select the playback modes and time interval from OSD.
  • This function can be applied to create different playback Index at slightly position shift and apply looping playback function to prevent from burn-in mark on the LCD to extend the life time. 

Main items Functions G-403 G-405
General description   Quad LCD video wall controller with preset creative display modes and allow user to create all kinds of  irregular creative video wall 4k/2k quad LCD video wall controller for LCD at H&V direction with the ability to shift H&V positions up to 900 pixels.
Main function Video processor 10-bits 10-bits
LCD to be controlled via one processor 4 4
Multiple units cascade Yes Yes
Video wall with portrait display Signal source at normal position without rotating Need signal source at portrait direction.
Video wall with PIP/POP Yes No
Support 4k/2k input without compression Yes Yes
Preset playback modes selected by dip SW Yes (30 preset modes) No preset mode
Modular cascade like Lego Yes Yes
Input & Output Video Input Ports  1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-I (DVI-D, VGA, HDMI)  1x DisplayPort,2x HDMI, 1x DVI-I (DVI-D, VGA, HDMI)
Video Output ports 4x HDMI 4x HDMI
Loop out port for daisy chain connection 4k/2k HDMI 4k/2k HDMI
Audio Output HDMI embedded audio HDMI embedded audio
Support YPbPr video via DVI-I input port Yes Yes
Support DVI-D, VGA & HDMI by DVI-I input port Yes Yes
Support 4k/2k @30Hz, 1080p @120Hz, 2560 x 1600 / 3840x1080 @60Hz input with 4:4:4 full color sampling Yes Yes
Frame Lock for system synchronization Yes Yes
HDCP compliant for DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort Yes Yes
Image rotation Image 90〫/270〫 flip and rotation Yes
(Entire video wall image)
Image 180〫 flip and rotation Yes
(Entire video wall image)
Yes (Individual LCD)
Advanced Video Wall setting 4 LCD as one display unit Yes Yes
Maximum signal resolution cropped for one display unit FHD (when 4k/2k input, it will scale down to FHD, then share to 4x LCD) 4K/2K (when 4k/2k input, it will split into 4x FHD image for 4x LCD)
Cascade multiple units for large-scale video wall with 4K input signal Yes Yes
Image location shifting up to +_900 pixels in all directions Yes (Entire display unit) Yes (Individual LCD)
Irregular creative display modes created by user Yes (at any angle and position) Yes (only H/V position shift without rotation)
Overall video wall image aspect ratio change at H/V direction from 0.5x to 2.0x Yes (pixel by pixel continuously) Need to do individual LCD adjustment
Overall video wall image position shift Yes (pixel by pixel continuously) Need to do individual LCD adjustment
Looping playback Looping playback for different playback modes Up to 5 playback modes --
Image shift for LCD protection Automatic image position shift to prevent LCD from burn-in mark Yes --
PIP (Picture in Picture) and POP (Side by Side) PIP up to 1024x768 resolution with flexible location, aspect ratio and input source Yes No
POP to show two images in one display unit Yes (Full screen or keep original aspect ratio) Yes (only full screen)
High end 3D motion adaptive de-interlace in PIP/POP image Yes Yes
Video processing 10 bits 4:4:4 full bandwidth sampling with 3D de-interlace, smooth edge algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode detecting and recovery Yes Yes
High quality video and graphics scaling up/down Yes Yes
Color adjustment (Hue, saturation, sharpness, contrast, brightness, preset modes, discrete RGB adjustment) Yes (applied to 4 LCD at the same time) Yes (2 separate controls for 2 LCD each)
System control for easy use Full function IR Remote controller Yes Yes
Cabled IR Receiver Extender (up to 20 meters) Yes Yes
Ethernet control and operation via LAN or WiFi Yes, need to add external Ethernet to UART module Yes, need to add external Ethernet to UART module
ASCII control protocol over RS-232 Yes Yes
[GAlign] PC tool for easy image alignment Yes --
Auto Shut off output signal when input is missing Yes Yes
Selective EDID menu for optimized video quality Yes Yes
No PC, OS or special tool required Yes Yes
Ear mount Option Option
Dimension & weight Only Box body, not including remote controller, power supply and packing 330x160x35mm, 1.5kg 303x155x55mm, 1.8kg
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