G-105 Multiple function image processor
Image magician G-105 is multiple purpose video processor with warp, de-warp, video wall control, format conversion, scaler switcher, PIP/POP, 3D format conversion, image cropping, flip/rotation, dynamical aspect ratio change, continuous position shift, seamless looping playback for different display settings and more. It can solve most of the difficult issues in video manipulation and provide special functions for user. It can also provide medical image de-warp, 3D conversion for endoscope (from dual camera format, Line by Line to Side by Side). 
Input and output:
  • Video Input: 1xHDMI, 1x VGA, 1x DisplayPort, 1x DVI-I (support HDMI, DVI, VGA)
  • Max. input resolution:
4K/2K @30HZ, 3840x1080 @60Hz in HDMI & DP ports, WUXGA in VGA & DVI-I ports.
  • Video Output:
--1x HDMI, 1x DVI-D (mirrored)
--Selectable output resolutions, Max. output resolution 1920*1200.
  • Audio input: HDMI embedded audio, PC audio jack.
  • Audio output: 1x SPDIF RCA output, HDMI embedded audio.
  • DisplayPort and HDMI/DVI support WQXGA & 3840x1080 @60Hz、4k/2k @30Hz input with 4:4:4 full color sampling without compression.
Warp and geometry alignment:
  • Patented warp technology for accurate geometry alignment.
  • Quick corner adjustment, H&V keystone correction, pincushion and barrel adjustment.
  • Geometry alignment through OSD up to 3x3 grids.
  • PC tool support geometry alignment and de-warp up to 33x33 grids.
  • Image edge mask.
  • 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio conversion.
  • Image flip/rotation.

Image stacking
Image stacking for flat and curved screen with multiple projectors to increase brightness.

Image flip and rotation
  • Image flip at 90/180/270 degrees with full screen display
  • Image flip at Front/Rear, Right/Left, Top/Bottom direction
(Image 90 degrees rotation and scale up to fit full screen LCD)

(Image rotation up to +_180 degree with one degree increasement)
(Image 90/180/270 rotation and flip at RH/LH, Top/bottom, front/rear directions)
Dual contents at portrait display
  • Display two landscape contents on one portrait LCD at top/bottom position.
  • Aspect ratio and image position can be dynamically adjusted pixel by pixel.
Passive 3D display:
  • Decoding 3D formats from Blue Ray, Set Top Box, PC…for dual projector passive 3D display.
  • Convert active 3D signal up to 1080p @120Hz for full HD passive 3D display.
  • Support HDMI 1.4a 3D formats, including 1080p/24Hz frame packed, Side by Side, Top-Bottom, Line by Line and frame sequential for passive 3D display.
  • Support 3840x1080 side by side and 1080i/60Hz frame packed 3D from Sony FHD 3D camcorder.
  • Support PIP function in passive 3D display, both main and PIP windows are still with 3D effect.
  • Perfect Synchronization algorithm in RH/LH channels to get the most comfortable passive 3D display.
  • Support passive 3D image geometry alignment, curved screen display and stacking.
  • Convert discrete RH/LH 3D signals into one side by side 3D format output.
  • Convert line by line 3D format into side by side 3D format.

High end video processing
  • 10-bit high bandwidth processor with 3D motion adaptive de-interlace, low angle algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode detecting and recovery.
  • Support up to 4k/2k @30Hz input with 4:4:4 full color sampling without compression.
  • Intelligent color adjustment, including preset display modes, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast sharpness adjustments and RGB separate adjustment for color correction.
Format conversion
Convert below input signal formats into HDMI or DVI-D (mirrored) outputs:
DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-A, YPbPr (through DVI-I or VGA port), VGA
Video wall function
  • Video wall function to split, crop and location assignment with pixel based location shift up to 900 pixels at H&V directions.
  • Pixel by pixel precise bezel compensation.
  • Video wall contro up to 15x15 matrix displays.
  • Able to create any style irregular video wall with multiple G-105 by inputting two coordinates of top left and top right corners for each LCD.
  • Image PIP/POP, flip and rotation function can be applied to video wall to provide special views irregular video wall display.
  • Input Top Left and Top Right corner coordinates to create any type of irregular video wall.
  • User can create all kind of irregular video wall using multiple units.
  • It can work with other GeoBox video wall controller to create video wall with PIP/POP and different image rotation angle.
 Image any location croppingThere are three ways of image cropping through OSD by remote controller:
  • [Video Wall] menu: ZOOM, PAN and OVERLAP
In combination with image split (ZOOM), location assignment (PAN) and H&V 900 pixels cropping position shift function (OVERLAP), user can crop any location of the image to show on the screen.
  • [WARP] menu
User can use Warp function to do geometry adjustment function for the image, including image resizing, accurate position and change the shape of the image.
  • [Manual Mode] menu
Menu mode can catch any image at any rotation angle through input two coordinates for Top Left and Top Right image corners. It can capture 16:9 image to fit any size, bezel and installation angle LCD.
  • PC Tool: user can capture arbitrary area image through selected 4 points coordinates of the image.

(Cropping 16:9 image through 4 points coordinates at any angle)

Dynamic aspect ratio adjustmentUser can adjust image aspect ratio through below function
  • The image captured through [Manual Mode] can do aspect ratio change from 0.5~2.0 in H&V directions separately without loss of the image content.
  • [Overlap] function under [Video Wall] menu can execute Aspect Ratio adjustment by changing image cropping range.
  • [Warp] function can also adjust the image aspect ratio.
  • Only this aspect ratio change through [Manual Mode] can execute seamless looping playback.

Dynamic image position shift
  • The image captured through [Manual Mode] can do dynamic position shift once the aspect ratio has been changes. The adjustment range is based on the same ratio as aspect ratio change. The maximum range is 0.5~2.0 in H&V directions separately.
  • This kind of dynamic position shift can be stored into 5 display modes and user can execute seamless looping playback for these display modes.

PIP/POP Multiple windows display
  • PIP function with selectable input selection in both main and PIP display windows
  • Flexible image size, aspect ratio, position adjustment through OSD or IR controller
  • Max. PIP size is 1024x768 resolution
  • POP function with selectable full screen or original aspect ratio.
  • Dual landscape contents displayed at portrait TV.

Looping playback with different display mode settings
  • User can select the different display modes created from [Manual Mode] under [Video Wall] menu for looping playback with selected time interval.
  • The display modes created from Dynamic Aspect Ratio adjustment and Dynamic Image Position shift can be selected in looping playback.
  • It will create more attractive video for audience.

LCD burn-in mark protection
User can set multiple display modes with some image position shift and execute looping playback. It can eliminate burn-in mark in the LCD while long term playback still image.
Image de-warp for camera or video system
  • Image de-warp can be implemented through Warp function.
  • De-Warp function can be applied to correct image distortion of any image. It can be also applied to de-warp for medical endoscope and fish eye lens in surveillance system.
3D signal conversion
In additional projector active 3D and passive 3D application, G-105 can convert below 3D formats into one Side by Side 3D format output to meet the requirement in most of 3D display:
--RH/LH discrete 3D format
--Line by line (line interleaved)
--Frame packing
--Frame sequential
--Top-bottom 3D.

System control & others
  • Reliable and durable design for long term industrial and commercial applications.
  • Full functional keypads & IR control.
  • With internal grid pattern for quick and easy setup.
  • ID # for each GeoBox. Convenient for system installation and control.
  • keypad Lock (press menu for 5 seconds) to avoid setting loss due to negligence..
  • Multiple profile settings for flexible display modes memory and recall.
  • Integrated with IR extender (up to 20 meters) & RS-232
  • External Ethernet to RS232 adapter can be used for Ethernet control.
  • Dimension and weight: 303x160x35mm, 1.3kg
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