GeoBox G-601 Passive 3D processor
GeoBox G-601 is a high performance dual channel passive 3D processor. It is a standalone system to implement format conversion, video wall, 3D decoding and geometry adjustment up to 4k/2k input and WUXGA (full HD) output. Precise geometry alignment and Perfect Sync zero latency RH/LH synchronization algorithm were integrated in G-501 to provide the most comfortable 3D system for end user. 
       GeoBox G-601 will decode 3D format from all kinds of 3D video sources, including Blue Ray DVD, STB, Media player, Game and PC… 3D signal that can be decoded by GeoBox into signals for Right/Left eyes. The signal shall be displayed through two projectors. Each projector will display signal only for right eye or left eye. User needs to install polarized filters in front of the projector and also wears polarized glasses. The glasses should match the polarized filter so that the right eye can only see the image for right eye and the left eye can only see the image for left eye. 3D screen is also required to preserve the polarization of the light for polarized 3D display. It is possible to use optic spectrum method like Dolby, Infitec or Omega Optical for 3D display without using 3D screen.
       Precise geometry alignment is integrated in G-601 to provide easy and accurate image alignment. Perfect Sync algorithm will make sure zero latency between RH/LH eye signal and provide the most comfortable 3D video quality. Due to accurate geometry alignment, a 3D system can be used as 2D display with clear image from two projectors image stacking.
       User can  set 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio in the system and store the settings in G-501 and recall it by remote controller or RS232. User can also enlarge 2.35:1 movie to fit full screen on 16:9 screen. If user needs to enlarge 3D display, user can use edge blending technology with more projectors to achieve it.
Video Input ports
  • 1x Analog D-Sub VGA up to 205 MHz
  • 1x Dual Link DVI input up to 4k/2k @30Hz or 3840x1080 @60Hz
  • 2x HDMI 1.4a compliant with HDCP 1.3 compliant input (FHD), up to 3840x2160 @30Hz (reduced blanking PC signal)
  • 1x DisplayPort 1.1a up to 4k/2k @30Hz or 3840wx1080 @60Hz
  • Selectable EDID setting for optimized video performance
Audio input ports
  • Audio jack for PC audio connection
  • HDMI audio processing
Video Output ports
  • HDMI 1.4a compliant output for video/audio connection
  • Decode 3D formats into signal for left or right eye 3D display
Audio Output ports
  • Optic and coaxial S/PDIF digital output
  • HDMI output with audio embedded
Image geometry correction and warp (Anyplace function)
  • Pixel base position and geometry adjustment
  • Multiple image alignments and edge blending
  • Horizontal and vertical keystone correction
  • Pincushion and barrel adjustment for curved screen display
  • Professional Edge Blending video quality
  • Image 180 degrees down flip
  • Image rotation up to 128 degrees
Video Wall
  • Image split for LCD video wall up to 15x15 displays.
  • Support multi-windows FHD high resolution displays
  • Flexible aspect ratio adjustment
  • Pixel base overlap region control for edge blending.
High end video processing and de-interlace
  • 3D motion adaptive video de-interlace
  • Low angle edge smooth algorithm
  • Automatic 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down detection and recovery
  • Independent RGB color adjustment for PC graphics input
  • Digital Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation and Sharpness adjustment for video input
  • True 10-bit data processing
  • 12 bit RGB gamma CLUT
 3D stereoscopic display Decoding 3D formats from Blue Ray, Set Top Box, PC…for dual projector passive 3D display.
  • Convert active 3D signal up to 1080p @120Hz for FHD passive 3D display.
  • Support HDMI 1.4a 3D formats, including 1080p/24Hz packed, Side by Side, Top-Bottom, Line interleave and sequential for passive 3D.
  • Support 3840x1080 side by side and 1080i/60Hz packed 3D from Sony FHD camcorder.
  • “Perfect Sync” algorithm for ZERO latency between RH/LH channels to get the most comfortable passive 3D display.
  • Support passive 3D image geometry alignment, curved screen display, image stacking and edge blending.
  • Support DLP-Link 3D Ready or Nvidia 3D Vision active 3D for image warp (for curved screen display), image stacking (enhance brightness) and edge blending (enlarge display screen). The output resolution is limited to XGA/720p 120Hz only.
  • Convert 1080p/24Hz packed 3D from Blue Ray or 1080p/120Hz active 3D signal from PC or Nvidia 3D Vision card into 720p/XGA 120Hz output for active 3D display.
 Scaler switcher
  • 5 in/2 out scaler switcher with Frame Lock and Free Run mode for smooth input selection.
  • Two outputs for connection with two display devices.
 Image stacking Flat and curved image stacking to increase the brightness via pixel base geometry alignment.
 Image flip Image 180 degrees rotation with R/L flip function
 Scalability Preset up to 15x15 displays
System control
  • RS232 connector for system control
  • Optional RJ45 Network control
  • Full function OSD keypad on Front Panel
  • IR remote controller with optional IR receiver extender (to 20m)
  • 3x phoenix connector with 5V/1mA trigger signal output for system control.
  • Quick and easy setting via OSD keypad and IR remote controller.
  • No PC or special software is required.
  • Five profiles settings that can store all custom system settings
 Power supply
  • External DC 12V/3A power supply
  • Auto low power standby mode
  • 3x DC 5V/1mA phoenix connector trigger outputs
Weight 2.4 Kg
Difference between G-601/G-602 G-602 can do passive 3D edge blending but G-601 can’t
 Dimensions 440mmL x 200mmD x 45mmH (1U)
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