Conventional Video Wall

  • True 8k/2k video wall can be implemented through two large 4k/2k monitors with one G902. It will provide pixel to pixel video quality. G902 can also display true pixel to pixel discrete 4k/2k content in each 4k monitor.

  • Both G406 and G904 have the function to build all-in-one video wall as well as discrete content display in each monitor. G406 output is Full HD and G904 output can be up to 4k/2k 60Hz.

  • G904 hasthe function to build all-in-one video on UHD monitors wall as well as to display discrete pixel to pixel true 4k/2k content in each monitor. Each monitor also can have PIP/POP image on it.

  • Two G904 can build true 8k/2k video wall with pixel to pixel video quality.

  • Creative video wall has no size limitation. User can cascade with multiple units of GeoBox to build big scale video wall. {G408}

  • GeoBox video wall controller can build video wall with LCD at landscape and portrait positions. If the monitors are installed at any angle, then G413 is required.   {G406}   {G408}