Video Wall Controller

If your LCDs are installed at landscape and portrait direction, you can select G40x (for Full HD monitors) or G90x (for 4k/2k monitor). The setup will be easier than G413.

If your LCDs are installed at any angle and location, G413 will be the only model for this kind of application. You can select from 27 preset modes and install the LCDs based on the location and angle of the preset mode. After the installation, you can do further image position fine-tune to let complete video wall with perfect alignment. If you can't select preset mode, then you can install the LCDs first, take a picture from the video wall. Using Windows PAINT softweare to catch the coodinates of the LCD top right and top left corner, then input the coordinate into G413 through PC tool or remote controller. You will get the final result after this process. 


Below is the flow chart to select the right model for video wall controller.