Model Selction



  • S901 is multiple purpose video processor for seamless switcher, format conversion, scaling up and down, image flip/rotation/cropping, video wall, PIP/POP, 3D format conversion and multi-viewer functions. The input supports various input sources and input timings. It is an ideal front end processor for big display system required 4k/60 input and output. Front panel keypads are designed in S901 to quick switching among different input source. It is not necessary for projector to re-search input source while input signal switching.

  • The major function of G901 is the same as S901. The only difference is that S901 is designed with front panel keypads for real time and quick input switching and function change but G901 is not. If user only needs some fixed function or doesn't need to switch input source or change display mode frequently, G901 will have more cost advantage due to lower price.