M800 Edge blending processor

  • More than 120 units of GeoBox was adopted in Tokyo Digital Art meseum project. This project was integrated with 470 units of Epson projectors.

  • Immersive display with 3 walls and one floor. Each wall size can be different. GeoBox has the ability to split the image based on the wall dimension to avoid different scaling factor in each wall. GeoBox can also align all the images to match together and has the same brightness in each projector.  {G800}   {M800}

  • User can apply single contents to the system and GeoBox can crop the right image for each projectors with the same scaler factor to get perfect immersive display. No additional PC or device is required.

  • GeoBox edge blending system has the flexibility to preset different display styles. For example, user can have 3 projectors edge blending to become one image, two projectors edge blended or three projectors to display independent contents. These different display modes can be stored in GeoBox and recalled by RS232, Ethernet or remote controller at any time.   {M800}

  • Interactive floor edge blending is one of the most common application. There is no limitation in the quantity of the projectors. User can cascade with multiple units of GeoBox edge blender for the application. The key point is how to select suitable image regsolution. After select image resolution, user needs to consider how to create the content and how to output from multiple PC or media player. The output signals require to be synchronized.

  • Typical simulattion system is dual curved screen. The FOV is 120 degrees in width. Most application uses three projector with 5760*1200 @60Hz input resolution. User can use one M803 to meet the requirements for this kind of simulation system. If necessary, user still can use old simulation system with multiple PC or multiple outputs from display card to provide high resolution image.   {M800}

  • 每台GeoBox融合器可以支持7680解析度的輸入訊號,並可以多台串接,融合成一個更高解析度的大畫面。