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Video Wall controller product selection guide

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G901   G902   G904 

G406   G406L   G406s   G408   G413


  • G901 is multiple purpose video processor for video source switching, format conversion, scaling up and down, image flip/rotation, video wall and PIP/POP functions. It supports various input sources and input timings, including non-VESA standard input timings. It is an ideal front end processor for big display system required 4k/60 input and output.

  • G902 is multi-function signal processor with 8k/2k input and 4k/2k output. Each box can split signal into two outputs with editable output resolution in each channel and be served as video wall controller to display all-in-one content across entire video wall as well as to display discrete true 4k/60 content in each 4k monitor. It can be serves as multi-viewer to display 3 equal size contents in one 4k monitor at portrait and landscape directions. Multiple units of G902 can be cascaded to build all kind of video wall system.