Warping and geometry alignment

Yes, you can. GeoBox has Corner Wall alignment function to let user can adjust the image to match two corner wall at landscape or portrait directions. The curve transition points can be adjust up to 1200 pixels in horizontal direction and 900 pixels in vertical direction. 

For a round surface projection, if you want to adjust the original image to round shape, the content will be also changed the shape with distortion. The best way is to do edge mask to mask the image outside round surface. In this case, user can apply any content and signal source but it will only show the content inside the round surface and all the outside image will be masked with black backgroud.

Another possibility is to use M800Ex to do projection mapping. User can select any shape or mask any location inside the screen.

When user uses short throw ratio projector on curved screen, the image will have big distortion. It depends on the curvature and the throw ratio of the projector. GeoBox has the ability to adjust the image about 50% in vertical size. The image scaling factor in curved screen will be also changed on the center area and both side edges. User can apply the pattern inside GeoBox to see the differnce and adjust the grid line gaps through Linearity Grid Line adjustment function to reduce line gaps difference (also scaling factor difference). 

Ultra-short throw ratio projector with throw ratio below 0.5:1 is not suitable for curved screen display. The image distortion will be too much and beyond the ability for GeoBox to draw the image into normal shape.