• We received truly exciting news from  Barco  global headquarters in Kortrijk: GeoBox is now officially certified as a Barco complimentary solution for multiple high-level video processing applications, including image geometric alignment, edge blending warping, and 3D conversion. Link: Barco has consistently stood at the forefront of developing the most advanced Display Technologies to meet the specific challenges of various professional fields. Wherever you encounter a visual "wow" moment on this planet, very likely, Barco is behind it. It fills us with immense pride and happiness to have received certification from the  Barco Entertainment - Immersive Experiences  team. A special shoutout goes to  Lieven Bertels  for his exceptional coordination and meticulous attention to detail.  Andy Janssen  and  Thomas H.  dedicatedly tested GeoBox, ensuring that its usability and video processing power meet the high professional standards set by Barco. And last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to  Kessy Cottegnie , the wonderful individual who made it possible for GeoBox to shine on Barco's global platform.

  • Pokémon the Dreaming  is a media exhibition that is being held at Topaz Hall on the 10th floor of Hyundai Department Store PanGyo Branch in South Korea.  The Exhibition was running from Oct-07, 2022. This exhibition park used 3x G804 & 1x  M803 edge blending processor to build the whole immersive and interactive display. Please see more details about the setup procedures and final video under below website:  

  • MatrixWorks Europe BV and Dutch integrator MAV Techniek have collaborated to recreate F-16 experience in the exhibition F-16: 50 YEARS FAST FORWARD, using GeoBox edge blending and warping controllers to create immersive projection during F-16 exhibition at National Military Museum in The Netherlands, from August 2022 till September 2023.

  •         VNS is proud to introduce GeoBox S901, the most advanced 4k/60 in/out 5x1 Seamless Switcher with MultiViewer. It is designed with programmable output resolution and refresh rate to provide a flexible outputs for different applications. S901 is an ideal solution for 4k quad split view and front end processor for big display system like video wall, edge blending and LED with the need for Seamless Switcher, specific output resolution/refresh rate, PIP/POP, 3/4 split view and image scaling up/down, flip/rotation and cropping. Main features include: 3x HDMI2.0 + 2x DP1.4 input ports, HDMI up to 600MHz, DP1.4 up to 8k/4k/30Hz. 1x HDMI 2.0 output to support up to 600 MHz pixel clock. Support interlaced and HDR input signal processing with full color RGB 4:4:4, 8/10 bits progressive output. Programmable output resolution (up to 7680*1200) and refresh rate (up to 120Hz). Audio output: one digital RCA SPDIF and one analog R/L audio. 5x1 Seamless Switcher without frame loss.  3D format conversion and decoding for active and passive 3D application.  Each display window is designed with image rotation, high end scaling up/down, cropping, aspect ratio adjustment and color adjustment. Up to 10 settings and patterns can be stored and recalled at any time. Setup and control through push button, IR, USB, RS232 and Ethernet. GeoBox is pure hardware, standalone system and reliable for professional AV applications. Please check more details in VNS website at VNS Inc. (

  • Japan Material showed 8K*2K demo in InterBEE 2021 with two 4k/2k projectors and one UD100. UD100 is pure hardware UHD edge blender designed with full 4k edge blending functions. One box can control up to four 4k projectors with cascade to support more projectors. No PC or additional equipment is required. UD100 series is also integrated with PIP/POP Quad split multi-viewer functions to display up to 4 windows in one processing channel.  

  • Korea DaeJeon HanBit Tower used two GeoBox G802 with four Panasonic PT-RZ31K (31000 Lumens) projectors and one BrightSight XD234 media player to create a media facade and presented from Dec.25th. 2020. No PC is required. It simplifies the system and provides reliable and cost effective solution.    

  • This video introduces complete product line of GeoBox. It includes below applications: Projection, Video wall and Signal processing. GeoBox is pure hardware devices and  the leader in non PC based pro-AV market. Many features are unique in the world. GeoBox is the only product that can do curved screen edge blending and asymmetric video wall without PC system. We are proud to be "The absolute opposite of ordinary". User can get idea about the features and applications of GeoBox in the video.

  • VNS reveals new 8K-in / 4k-out video wall controller G900 with up to 5 windows MultiViewer function. G901(single channel), G902 (dual channels) and G904 (4 channels) are the models in 4k output product line. When it builds a video wall with 4x UHD monitors, user can display one 4k/2k or 8k/2k content across entire video wall as well as independent true 4k/2k 60Hz 4:4:4 video in each 4k monitor to get pixel to pixel highest video quality. Maximum videos that can be displayed in 4 monitor video wall is eight. True 8k/2k video wall with pixel to pixel video quality. True 8k/2k video wall with 8 monitors. G904 is also the world’s first Ultra HD Quad view MultiViewer with one PIP window inside and lets user monitor up to 5x independent HDMI videos on one Ultra HD display. The PIP image can be located at any position with programmable size up to full HD. G902 can display one Triple split view or 2/3: 1/3 split view for one monito. One G904 can display two triple split view for two monitors simultaneously. The monitors for MultiViewer can be installed at landscape or portrait directions. All the input videos can be up to 4096*2160 @60Hz or 8k/2k @30Hz. With full frame re-synchronization on every input, user can monitor any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD formats and frame rates at the same time on the same display. G902 application case study: in additon to PIP/POP, below are examples for G902 multiView application. G904 application case study: in additon to PIP/POP, below are examples for G904 multiView applications. It can display one 4 windows multiviewer with PIP on the top or two Triple Split View at the same time with one at landscape and another one at portrait position. 10x HDMI2.0 UHD input ports are designed in G904. Four HDMI 2.0 outputs. All G900 is integrated with programmable output resolution in the range H=800-4096, V=720-3840 or up to 4096*2400 @60Hz. BT2020 HDR10 10-bit input signal can be supported by G900 with full range 10-bit RGB output to provide the highest video details. It is integrated with 10-bit high end video scaler and supports 3D motion adaptive de-interlace, low angle smooth algorithm and 3:2/2:2 film mode cadence. Besides MultiViewer and video wall applications, G900 can be an ideal front end processor for big scale projector edge blending system and LED wall which is required specific signal resolution to get the best video quality. Case study for projector edge blending system: User can use one channel processor G901 or multi-channel processor G902/G904 as front end to provide PIP/POP and aspect ratio adjustment across entire screen. User can use G902 to get up to 4 discrete videos display and G904 can provide up to 8 discrete video in 4 projector edge blending system. Case study for LED applications: G900 can crop specific region image to remove blanking border of the image and output specific resolution to LED display. It can aslo split high resolution content up to 8k/2k into different sections  for multiple LED modules together with PIP/POP or multiViewer functions for LED wall.  G901 is available in the market and G902 & G904 will be available in early Q4-2020.

  • EASTWITH is a Korea professional company for digital signage and new media applications. EASYWITH built a 12 projector display system with GeoBox G804 and M804 in Timeless Media Art at Kyoung Ju. Please see You-Tube video at below link. If you need further assistance in Korea, please contact Electrosmith at below website:  

  • Electrosmith built a circle projection system for Korea Pohang City Theme Park with 8 units of Panasonic PT-RZ660 WUXGA laser projector and two GeoBox G-704 edge blending processor. The content is from one PC with Nvidia Quadro P4000 display card to provide a content up to 13,340*1200 output resolution. GeoBox provides a easy setup, simple and reliable solution. User even can accomplish this kind of setup through IR remote controller.  

  • VNS India distributor S-Cube promotes GeoBox G-602 Edge Blending processor with Sony Projectors at the New Laser Projector launch by Sony at Mumbai on 21st June 2017. It showed seamless high quality impressive video.

  • We are very honor to share the news from our Japan Distributor--Japan Material that the world largest Digital Art Meseum created by teamLab adopted more than 100 units of GeoBox together with 470 Epson projectors for complete project. Mori Building Digital Art Museum covers more than 10,000 square meters and is located in Tokyo Odaiba Palette Town. It opens on June-21-2018. Please see more details at below website: