VNS debuts new 4k Multiviewer with 5x1 seamless switcher

        VNS is proud to introduce GeoBox S901, the most advanced 4k/60 in/out 5x1 Seamless Switcher with MultiViewer. It is designed with programmable output resolution and refresh rate to provide a flexible outputs for different applications.

S901 is an ideal solution for 4k quad split view and front end processor for big display system like video wall, edge blending and LED with the need for Seamless Switcher, specific output resolution/refresh rate, PIP/POP, 3/4 split view and image scaling up/down, flip/rotation and cropping. Main features include:

  • 3x HDMI2.0 + 2x DP1.4 input ports, HDMI up to 600MHz, DP1.4 up to 8k/4k/30Hz.
  • 1x HDMI 2.0 output to support up to 600 MHz pixel clock.
  • Support interlaced and HDR input signal processing with full color RGB 4:4:4, 8/10 bits progressive output.
  • Programmable output resolution (up to 7680*1200) and refresh rate (up to 120Hz).
  • Audio output: one digital RCA SPDIF and one analog R/L audio.
  • 5x1 Seamless Switcher without frame loss. 
  • 3D format conversion and decoding for active and passive 3D application. 
  • Each display window is designed with image rotation, high end scaling up/down, cropping, aspect ratio adjustment and color adjustment.
  • Up to 10 settings and patterns can be stored and recalled at any time.
  • Setup and control through push button, IR, USB, RS232 and Ethernet.

GeoBox is pure hardware, standalone system and reliable for professional AV applications.

Please check more details in VNS website at VNS Inc. (