Barco certifies GeoBox as a Barco complimentary solution

We received truly exciting news from Barco global headquarters in Kortrijk: GeoBox is now officially certified as a Barco complimentary solution for multiple high-level video processing applications, including image geometric alignment, edge blending warping, and 3D conversion.

Barco has consistently stood at the forefront of developing the most advanced Display Technologies to meet the specific challenges of various professional fields. Wherever you encounter a visual "wow" moment on this planet, very likely, Barco is behind it. It fills us with immense pride and happiness to have received certification from the Barco Entertainment - Immersive Experiences team.

A special shoutout goes to Lieven Bertels for his exceptional coordination and meticulous attention to detail. Andy Janssen and Thomas H. dedicatedly tested GeoBox, ensuring that its usability and video processing power meet the high professional standards set by Barco. And last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to Kessy Cottegnie, the wonderful individual who made it possible for GeoBox to shine on Barco's global platform.