New product release

  • This video introduces complete product line of GeoBox. It includes below applications: Projection, Video wall and Signal processing. GeoBox is pure hardware devices and  the leader in non PC based pro-AV market. Many features are unique in the world. GeoBox is the only product that can do curved screen edge blending and asymmetric video wall without PC system. We are proud to be "The absolute opposite of ordinary". User can get idea about the features and applications of GeoBox in the video.      

  • VNS unveils a new professional passive 3D processor G-303 to support frame sequential 1080p @120Hz active 3D from Nvidia 3D Vision and AMD HD3D. It is a dual channel pure hardware system without the need of HDMI splitter, PC system or software tool. It supports HDMI 1.4a standard 3D from Blue Ray, Game, media player, STB and PC…, including 1080P @24Hz frame packing, side by side, top-bottom, line interleaved, Sony camcorder 1080i @60Hz frame packed 3D, dual full HD 3840x1080p side by side and active 3D 1080P @120Hz frame sequential 3D formats for passive 3D display to provide the most comfortable and flicker less 3D image. “Perfect Sync” algorithm for zero latency in R/L eyes can reduce eye fatigue, especially in high speed motion pictures or PC game. In addition to passive 3D application, it is also a good companion for active 3D system to convert 1080P @24Hz frame packed 3D from Blue Ray and 1080p @120Hz active 3D signal to 720P/XGA @120Hz for DLPLink 3D ready or Nvidia 3D Vision 3D display. If precise image alignment from two projectors is required, G-500 GeoBox is available. It is designed with the same 3D function as G-303 and patented warp technology to implement pixel by pixel geometry alignment, curved screen 3D display and edge blending + 3D display.         GeoBox are designed for professional installation, e-cinema and home theater. Due to not PC structure, low power consumption without any fan, it provides quick boot up, low latency, no noise and utmost reliability.

  • GeoBox is a professional high performance video processor, designed with patented warp and edge blending technology similar to tier one projector makers with easy and friendly user interface. It is standalone system supporting up to 2560*1600 and 3840*1080 @60Hz input without compression. No PC, OS or special tool is required. It is a system with low entry barrier and suitable for inexperienced users.        High end video true 10-bits processor: 3D motion adaptive de-interlace, low angle smooth algorithm, 3:2/2:2 film mode processing, high end image scaling up/down and format conversion. Image flip, rotation, warp and geometry alignment. Professional Edge blending for flat, curved 360 degrees and irregular curve screen with super high resolution content and edge blending with projector at portrait direction without rotating the content direction. PIP (including 3D PIP) and 16:9 / 2.35:1 aspect ratio conversion. Support 4k x 2k video wall display with 4 full HD TV. Image stacking to increase the brightness on flat or curved screen. Support Blue Ray 1080p @24Hz frame packed for Active (shutter) 3D system. User can enlarge 3D screen display through GeoBox multiple projector edge blending. Support HDMI 1.4, NVidia 3D Vision 1080p @120Hz, 3840*1080 @60Hz full HD side by side and Sony full HD TD-20/30 3D camcorder 1080i @60Hz frame packed 3D formats for dual projector passive 3D display.        Compared with PC, GeoBox is a pure hardware system with easy, flexible and more reliable capability. Working with PC system, it doesn't occupy any PC CPU resource and let CPU with full power for other operations, such as interactive multimedia without lag. We can provide prompt support and propose different solutions to meet your requirements.

  • An entirely revolutionary dip switch setting video wall controller, Oculus Rift 3D adapter and the most comfortable passive 3D system will be exhibited in CES-2015 at LVH-48025 from Jan 06-09 . 1. Revolutionary dip switch setting video wall controller with LEGO cascade 64 pre-defined display profiles. Dip switch ion on front panel. Easy installation, no PC is required. Modular structure like LEGO block to cascade multiple modules into one big display. With POP and PIP function for multiple contents in one display. Support up to 4k/2k UHD input. Image real time rotation can be customized. Demo: one creative pre-defined video wall + one 4k UHD video wall. 2. 3D Adapter for Oculus Rift: Auto-decode consumer 3D contents for virtual reality display in Oculus Rift. Connect directly with Blue Ray, Gaming console, Media Player and PC. Loop out port to share 3D content in other conventional display device. 3. Passive 3D projection system with conventional 2D screen. Using conventional 2D screen Precise geometry alignment and Zero latency in R/L to get the most comfortable 3D display. 64 pre-defined display profiles with cascade function via multiple G-402 like Lego Block.