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  • G900 is good for creative/portrait video wall under below conditions: 1. Monitor installed at landscape or portrait direction or combination. 2. Input requires up to 7680*2160 resolution. 3. 4k UHD monitor. 4. PIP/POP or 3/4 split views is required. 5. Discrete 4K content in each monitor. 6. 4k/2k 6oHz is required for monitor with portrait direction.   

  •  VNS creative video wall controller G413 is world unique and the first pure hardware solution that can create all kinds of display styles through IR remote controller or PC Tool. 27 pre-defined display modes can be selected through OSD. User can also create any display mode for regular and asymmetric video wall using LCDs with different dimension, resolution and bezel. Conventional low-cost monitor and TV can be used as display devices. The LCD can be installed at top/down or any angle and position. User can install LCD first, then crop the required image for each LCD by remote controller or PC tool. 

  • When the asymmetric/creative vide wall is designed with FHD LCDs and combination of portrait and landscape directions, G40x will be more cost effective for this application. The video wall can use monitor with different size and aspect ratio. Conventional TV can be used with top/down position to balance the bezel size. The settings and position alignment can be performed by remote controller or PC tool through USB or Ethernet.