G400 LCD at Portrait & landscape

Quick Overview

If the asymmetric vide wall is designed with FHD LCDs with combination at portrait and landscape directions, user can select G40x for this application. The settings and position alignment can be performed by remote controller or PC tool through USB or Ethernet. G40x includes 4 models. G406s is for two LCDs. G406L is for four LCDs. G406 is four LCDs with matrix function and can display discrete content in each LCD. G408 is 8 channel processor that can control up to 8 LCDs. All GeoBox can be cascaded together with multiple units to support LCDs with various quantity and big scale display.

G40x are pure hardware system that can be connected with all kind of signal sources. One controller can control from 2-8 monitors. All controllers can be combined together for video wall with various quantity of monitors. The controller supports up to 8k/1k (1K/8K) 30fps & 4k/2k 60fps input sources with image 90/180/270 degree rotation. User can build high resolution asymmetric video wall with LCDs at portrait/landscale or mixed . User can freely crop correct image for each LCD and also adjust video wall aspect ratio. No additional PC, Zero Client or software tool is required. 

Please check more details in G406s (dual channels), G406 (4 channels with matrix switch function, G406L (4 channels), G408 (8 channels)

Below is the specification for G406:

  • Input: 2x HDMI 2.0b for all channels, 1x DP1.2a for CH1/CH2, 1x DP1.2a for CH3/CH4
  • Input HDCP: HDMI: V2.2/V1.4, DP: V1.3.
  • input resolution: 4096*2160 60fps & 7680x1200 @30Hz. 4:4:4, 10 bits.
  • Output: 4x HDMI up to 2048*1080 60 fps. 4:4:4 progressive, 24/30 bits.
  • 2x HDMI 2.0b loop out ports for multiple unit cascade & daisy chain connection.
  • Support non-VESA STD input timings.
  • 18 selectable output display modes up to 2048x1080 60Hz in each independent output port.
  • Selectable 8/10-bit output color depth.
  • One frame latency: 16.7ms (V=60Hz)
  • Support xvYCC color processing & 8/10/12-bit deep color.
  • Video Wall overlap setting in each edge up to +_ 1800 Pixels.
  • 3:2/2:2 cadence, low angle smooth algorithm, high quality scaling engine.
  • 3D motion adaptive de-interlace.
  • 10-bit processor, frame rate conversion.
  • 50Hz in/out in FHD to avoid video artifact.
  • Matrix switch for multi-window display.
  • Frame lock for synchronized outputs.
  • Support HDR input signal with full color RGB 4:4:4 SDR output.
  • Individual 90/180/270 rotation, flip, cropping, scaling & color adjustment in each channel.
  • When image rotation at 90/270 degrees, the maximum input is 4k/2k 30 fps.
  • Embedded HDMI audio in each output.
  • Selectable and programmable EDID.
  • ESD Protection: ±8kV (Air-gap discharge), ±4kV (Contact discharge).
  • DC 12V/0.93A, max. 11.16w, (100-240 VAC PSU)
  • Working environment: 45〫C, 10-90% RH
  • Control: IR, RS232, USB, Ethernet
  • Dimensions (Body only): 440mm*186mm*44mm (without protruding parts). 440mm*197mm*55mm (including protruding part)
  • Weight: 2.31 kg (body only)
  • CE/FCC/RoHS Certified 
  • 2 Year Warranty, extension package is available up to 5 years.