G413 Creative video wall

Quick Overview

 VNS creative video wall controller G413 is world unique and the first pure hardware solution that can create all kinds of display styles through IR remote controller pr PC Tool. 27 pre-defined display modes can be selected through OSD. User can also create any display mode for regular and irregular video wall using LCDs with different dimension, resolution and bezel. Conventional low-cost monitor and TV can be used as display devices. The LCD can be installed at any angle and position. User can install LCD first, then crop the required image for each LCD by remote controller or PC tool. Please check more details in G413.

Flexible video source connection

  • 2x HDMI 2.0b and 1x DP 1.2a: support up to 8k/1k @30 Hz or 4k/2k @60Hz resolution.
  • 1x VGA: support up to WUXGA resolution.

Quad channel outputs:

  • 4x HDMI 1.4 outputs for connecting with 4x LCD or conventional TV / monitor.

System cascade display

  • One HDMI 2.0 loop out port for multiple unit cascade for large scale video wall. No HDMI splitter is required.

Pre-defined display modes

  • 27 pre-defined creative display modes that can be selected through OSD. Preset modes can be further modified to meet user’s requirements.

Create any irregular video wall by user

  • User can create any display mode for regular, portrait and irregular video wall using LCDs with different dimension, resolution and bezel. Use can crop the required image for each LCD through inputting the coordinates of Top Left and Top Right corners in each monitor.
  • Galign PC tool and remote controller are available to upload coordinates into G413.
  • Windows “Paint” software can be used to capture the coordinates in each monitor.

Flexible aspect ratio control

  • Flexible aspect ratio control across entire video wall through OSD menu is integrated. User can decide how to display content on the video wall if the content can’t match video wall aspect ratio. The adjustment range is from 25% to 200% independently in horizontal and vertical directions.

Anyplace cropping

  • User can crop any image location to be displayed in monitor.

Flexible position adjustment

  • The combination of flexible aspect ratio control and position adjustment function (25% to 200%) will allow user to determine the best image region for the display on the video wall.

Auto looping playback

  • User can setup up to 10 display modes from the same display content and looping playback with selectable time interval (1 second to 600 seconds). This function can be used to highlight specific image region to show special effect on the video wall dynamically from the same content.

Any display devices

  • Conventional TV/monitor can be used at top/bottom, LH/RH flip position to balance TV bezel difference between top and bottom edges.

Programmable EDID

  • Preset 23 EDID + programmable EDID setting to optimize input resolution. Programmable EDID has below resolution range: H: 1024-3840, V: 720-2400

LCD burn-in mark protection

  • Auto image position shift to prevent LCD from burn-in mark.

Adjustable OSD position

  • OSD menu position can be shifted for convenient OSD operation.

PIP function

  • Picture in Picture from two selected signal sources with flexible position and image size (up to 1920*1200), PIP image can be further adjusted by Overlap function to get various size and shape. PIP image can cover full screen across entire video wall.

POP function

  • Image Side by Side display with full screen or maintain original aspect ratio. Two POP contents can be displayed on LCDs at RH/LH or up/down positions with monitor at landscape direction.

System setup

  • User can setup the system through IR remote controller, USB or Ethernet. User can connect G413 to WiFi router and execute system setup via WiFi through any device connected with the same WiFi router. WebGui and Galign PC tool is available for Ethernet operation.

System control

  • User can control G413 through IR remote controller, USB, RS232 and Ethernet.

Auto power on/off control

  • When no input signal is detected, GeoBox can auto-turn off output signal. Once input signal is detected, it will auto-turn on GeoBox and send out signal again. It is convenient for system power on/off control.

Selectable background color

  • When adjusting aspect ratio, user may see some blank background in the video wall. User can select background color by OSD.

Custom settings

  • Up to 10 different display modes settings in the same signal source can be stored. 5 display Profiles with different input source and PIP/POP setting can be stored.
  • User can recall at any time through remote controller, RS232, USB or Ethernet.