• UD100 is designed for 4k UHD projector edge blending in flat, curved and 360 degree screen with the ability to provide multiple processing modules to control from one to four 4k projectors. UD101 is integrated with one processing module to control one projector, UD102 for 2 projectors, UD103 for 3 projectors and UD104 for 4 projectors. It was designed for high resolution, sophisticated edge blending as well as image warping, stacking and edge mask. Input supports up to 7680*2160 @30Hz, 7680*1200 @60Hz and output can support up to 4096*2160 @60Hz.  Under three projector edge blending system, user can configure as one all-in-one image, 2+1 (with dual projector blended + one independent display) or display discrete content in each projector. UD100 also has MultiViewer function. Each channel can display PIP/POP and up 3/4 split views. UD104 can display up to 16 discrete contents through 4 projectors. All GeoBox edge blender can be cascaded for large scale display without PC or additional devices. In 5 projector edge blending system, user can use 1x UD104+1x UD101 or 1x UD102+1x UD103 to achieve the same result. The projector can be low cost one without lens shift, warp and edge blending functions. UD100 can also work with M800 & G800 to achieve big scale edge blending system.