G800 Edge blending processor

  • If high resolution edge blending is required, multiple display output card is required. GeoBox can support up to 4k/2k @60Hz or 7680*2160 @30Hz input resolution. User can set the output of the display card up to the above resolution for each GeoBox, then GeoBox will split the image for each projector based on native resolution of the projector. Usually, one high resolution input can be split for 2-4 projectors through GeoBox. It will simplify the system. 4x high resolution outputs from one PC can be easily shared to 8-16 projectors and still keep very good video quality. The display card needs to have the function to set overlap pixels between adjacent outputs. If no overlap function in the display card, user needs to create the content with some overlap pixels based on the system setup.   {G800}   {M800}

  • GeoBox can be cascaded with unlimited units to build big screen edge blending system   {G800}   {M800}

  • Flat screen edge blening on flat screen is essential function for GeoBox. GeoBox can execute edge blending in both horizontal and vertical directions up to 1920 Pixels in horizontal and 1200 pixels in vertical direction.    {G800}   {M800}

  • "L" or "M" type image can be easily displayed. GeoBox can do geometry alignment for each projector, split the image for different projector and also capture the right image size for each projector so that each wall will have the same image scaling factor and each projector projects an image with the same brightness. If necessary, floor image can be also combined together.

  • User can use remote controller to do curved edge blending. If the screen is more sophisticated, user can use Gwarp PC tool to apply up to 17x17 control points for geometry alignment. 

  • GeoBox can do dual curved cylindrical screen edge blending. Usually 6-8 projectors can build a 360 degrees cylindrical edge blending. Ultra-short throw ratio projector is not recommended for this kind of applications.