G-602 FHD Passive 3D processor

Quick Overview

Passive 3D decode and precise image stacking to enable comfortable 3D, G-602 is a dual channel professional passive 3D processor with zero latency in RH/LH eye to provide the most comfortable 3D image and video quality. It can also execute image warping, stacking and edge blending.

G-602 is a dual channel professional curve warping processor designed for sophisticated geometry alignment, image warping, stacking and passive 3D…etc.

5 inputs (2x HDMI, 1x DP, 1x DualLink DVI, 1x VGA) and 2x HDMI outputs are integrated in G-601. Input supports up to 2560x1600 / 3840x1080 @60Hz and 4k UHD @30Hz with 4:4:4 full color sampling. Two HDMI outputs will come from the same signal source and the maximum output resolution is 1920x1200. HDMI loop out supports daisy chain connection up to 3840x1080 @60Hz or 4k/2k @30Hz.

G-602 can decode 3D signal into RH/LH signals for two projectors. After adding polarizers at the front of projectors, user can see 3d image through polarized glasses. It can also output 120H signal for active 3D application up to 720P.

Advanced warp technology is embedded in G-602. User can use front panel keypad, IR controller or PC to perform sophisticated geometry alignment up to 9x5 grids through remote controller and 17x17 grids through Gwarp PC tool to get perfect image stacking between LH & RH eye signals.        

With G-602, users can replace high end projector with low cost one. It provides easy setup, cost effective, reliable and flexible solution.

Active 3D application:

  • Convert 1080p 120Hz active 3D into 720p/XGA 120Hz for 3D Ready DLP active 3D.
  • Geometry alignment for active 3D signal, including Line Interleaved, Frame Sequential 3D formats.

Passive 3D application:

  • Decoding 3D formats from Blue Ray, Set Top Box, PC…for dual projector passive 3D display.
  • Support HDMI 1.4a 3D formats, including 1080p/24Hz frame packed, Side by Side, Top-Bottom, Line interleave and frame sequential for passive 3D.
  • Support 3840x1080 side by side and 1080i/60Hz frame packed 3D from Sony FHD camcorder.
  • “Perfect Sync” algorithm for ZERO latency between RH/LH channels to get the most comfortable passive 3D display.
  • Support passive 3D image geometry alignment, curved screen display, image stacking and edge blending.
  • Support DLP-Link 3D Ready or Nvidia 3D Vision active 3D for image warp (for curved screen display), image stacking (enhance brightness) and edge blending (enlarge display screen). The output resolution is limited to XGA/720p 120Hz only.
  • Convert 1080p/24Hz frame packed 3D from Blue Ray or 1080p/120Hz active 3D signal from PC or Nvidia 3D Vision card into 720p/XGA 120Hz output for active 3D display.